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New Patients

Hours of Operation
Our offices are open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and on Fridays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. We are closed on weekends and holidays. We have urgent-care appointments available after an initial telephone evaluation of your problems and assessment by our nurses and staff. We have a full complement of emergency on-call physicians and nurses for management of your health-care requirements after hours. These services are available by calling our main number (903.593.2468) via our answering service, which will relay your needs and concerns to our professional staff.

New Patient Procedures
If you are a new patient, and have made an appointment, you should have received a letter welcoming you to the practice.   In that letter is a patient username and password for you to go to the digichart patient portal where you may completely and securely complete your patient history forms in advance of your visit.  This will save you time at your appointment and will ensure that your history information is organized beforehand.  This throughout history enables your healthcare provider to more effectively discuss your current health and healthcare concerns. 

We ask that you bring your insurance card and driver’s license to help with the check-in process. Once you are an established patient, you may periodically be asked to fill out a form to update our medical records, demographic and insurance information.

Appointments may be scheduled during our routine office hours Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 5 PM and Friday from 9 AM to noon. This system improves our efficiency. We prioritize requests based upon the degree of urgency and make every effort to return your call as quickly as possible. Our physicians, in an effort to better serve you, are available by appointment and usually the same day. Please contact our business-office supervisor for questions and concerns for patient accessibility. Appointments help us to provide you with the time and attention we know you deserve. We ask that you provide us with a 48-hour notice if you are unable to keep your appointment time and to reschedule your appointment for a time that is convenient to you. We ask that patients arriving late for their appointment be tolerant, allowing our staff to arrange to work you in as soon as possible. A parent or legal guardian must accompany patients who are minors at the time any services are rendered. As an alternative when necessary, written permission for treatment may be provided by a parent or legal guardian on a form available in advance from our office.

To help protect our obstetrics patients from the possibility of contracting contagious diseases, we cannot permit children within our waiting or treatment areas. Please arrange for care of your children accordingly at your appointment times. There are public snack areas on the second floor at the Olympic Plaza.

Fees and Billing
It is our goal to be open about our fees and to be sensitive to your financial situation. Please feel free to discuss any concern about fees.

  • For your convenience, the business office is open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. by calling 903.593.2468, should you need to verify services or discuss accounting discrepancies, omissions, and related problems.
  • In the event that you experience difficulty in meeting your financial obligations with our practice, a patient account representative is available to discuss your situation.
  • We ask that you pay your bill in full at the time of your appointment. However, if you are a member of an insurance plan we are contracted with, we require only your co-payment and/or any deductible not met. The business office will submit your insurance claims within two working days.

We are contracted with many health-care plans (e.g. insurance companies) to provide service to our patients. Upon requesting an appointment, please verify that our physicians are providers for your insurance plan. If so, we will file your insurance claim for you. If we are not a contracted provider for your insurance carrier, we will give you the copy of your charge slip to submit to your insurance plan for reimbursement. If we will not be filing insurance for you, our office requires payment in full at time of service. We accept most major credit cards (Master Card, Visa & Discover Card), checks and cash. Please call our Billing Office at 903.593.2468 with any billing questions. We understand the frustrations of dealing with the multiple restrictions of various insurance plans. We will try to work with you to solve problems, but you are ultimately responsible for understanding your insurance plan.

Referral Authorization
If your visit requires a referral authorization from your PCP in order for you to receive in network benefits from your insurance company, please obtain this referral from their office before arriving for your appointment. We will be glad to honor the referral at the time of your visit. Due to some PCP-directed health care plans, our staff cannot offer assistance with this process.

Prescription Refills (Rx)
If you are calling for a prescription refill, then please call your pharmacy. If you desire a new prescription or to change your pharmacy, then please call during office hours when the physician and nurse will have access to your chart to ensure the best course of treatment. Before authorizing a prescription refill, your physician may, in some cases, consider it medically necessary for you to return for an office visit. These changes will only be done during office hours. Please also have the phone number of your pharmacy available at the time of your call.

Laboratory Results
We will contact you regarding your results either by telephone or by mail. Please contact our office if you do not hear from us. Thank you in advance for your patience.

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