The Board-Certified physicians at Tyler OBGYN offer robotic surgery for women who require a hysterectomy in Tyler, Texas. Thanks to the aid of modern medical techniques and technology, robotic hysterectomies are even less invasive than traditional minimally invasive procedures. The instruments used have greater flexibility and ranges of motion, requiring only a few small incisions instead of a single large incision used in an open procedure.

A robotic hysterectomy allows your Tyler OBGYN physician a better visualization of your anatomy, meaning they have a distinct advantage when performing the hysterectomy. One of the major drawbacks of conventional laparoscopy is the reliance on hand-held instruments and only a standard 2D video monitor for visualization during the procedure. When you opt for a robotic hysterectomy in Tyler, Texas, your surgeon will guide the robotic instrumentation through an accurate 3D anatomical representation and perform the procedure quickly, precisely, and painlessly.

Robotic hysterectomies often result in quicker recovery, less scarring, less blood loss, and less discomfort overall during post-op. This way, you can return to your daily life sooner and enjoy the benefits of improved health. For more information about the many benefits of a robotic hysterectomy, contact the staff at Tyler OBGYN today.

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